we are the office that cares.

The mission of OPHTHALMOLOGY CONSULTANTS, P.A. (OCPA) is to provide the highest quality eye care service to our patients, quality employment to our staff, and be profitable in our business.

We believe that quality service to our patients means, among other things:

  • Excellence in seeking to achieve the best possible medical results with the least possible discomfort.
  • Excellence in our commitment to and respectful appreciation for our patients as fellow human beings who have honored us with their trust in our abilities.
  • Excellence in demonstrating the highest moral, ethical and Christian standards in the conduct of our business.

If your newborn is currently being seen for ROP retinopathy of prematurity, please call 972.985.1233


Ophthalmology Consultants P.A. has been in practice for over 30 years. Our team of pediatric ophthalmologists and optometrists have the experience, knowledge, patience, and care you deserve for yourself and your child.

Dr. Moody is happy to serve communities in 3 different cities across North Texas, where his specialty is not always available. At OCPA, you can get quality care in a welcoming setting. Learn more about our doctors.